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Booking Terms and Conditions


  • These terms and conditions form part of the contract between:  

  • Powder Holidays Pty Ltd provides tours and travel services directly to customers and through its accredited agents, hereafter known as Powder Holidays (the company) and  

  • Any person wishing to make a booking for a package provided or offered by the company (the client)  

  • The person making the booking warrants that, before making the booking, he or she has read and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.   

  • Where the booking is made other than by all person who will participate in the booking, the person making the booking warrants that he or she has advised each person has agreed to be bound by them.  


Travel and and Tour Pricing  

  • All prices are quoted ‘per person’ unless otherwise stated (eg. Family Packages). Land prices are constructed in Japanese Yen (JPY) and are then converted to Australian Dollars (AUD) and United States Dollars (USD) and other currencies as listed on our website using an indicative exchange rate.  

  • When you request a quote you will be given the most up to date price taking currency fluctuations into effect. Package and Tour prices are subject to change and availability will be confirmed at the time of booking.  

  • The offer, prices and all terms and conditions are subject to change or withdrawal without prior notice prior to the deposit payment being received by Powder Holidays.  



  • A minimum deposit of 20% is required prior to the confirmation of services for all land packages and tours.  

  • In respect to airfares, full payment (100%) is required prior to booking confirmation.  

  • Note some accommodations may require an additional deposit to hold the booking. You will be notified of any additional deposits at the time of booking.  

  • A booking shall not be deemed to have been accepted or to be binding until such time as the deposits that are applicable, have been paid.  

  • The deposit is subject to our money back assurance please advise us within 3 working days of receiving your deposit receipt and confirmations if you want to cancel the booking.  


Balance Payment  

  • The balance payment is due no later than 60 days prior to the departure date unless otherwise stated. Powder Holidays rights to cancel any booking or refuse to carry any passenger where payment has not been received by the company within the specified time.  

  • Bookings made less than 60 days prior to departure will require full payment within 7 days of confirmation.  

  • For any payments on credit card Merchant Fees apply of 2%.   

  • Powder Holidays will accept balance payments via; credit cards, cash, cheque or by direct remittance into our bank account.  

  • In the event that the balance of the booking is not paid in accordance above then the company reserves the right to cancel the clients booking. In that event, the client agrees that he or she shall not be entitled to a refund of any deposit paid, such deposit to be retained by the company by way of compensation for the time spent and the work done by it. The company shall however retain discretion, to be exercised entirely as it thinks fit, as to whether or not to refund all or part of any deposit paid in the event of cancellation in these circumstances.  

  • In the event that the balance of the tour price is not paid in the accordance above, and the company, at its discretion determines not to cancel the client’s booking, then the client agrees to pay to the company any additional charges, fees or expenses that have been or may be properly incurred as a result of the balance not having been paid by the stipulated time.  


Part Payments  

  • Powder Holidays is able to facilitate part payments and payment instalments for group bookings made via credit card. A 5% service fee which includes all credit card fees is applicable.  



  • Airfares, taxes and conditions can change at any time. To guarantee any airfares quoted full payment is required at the time of booking.  

  • Amendments of flights, after ticketing will incur additional charges 

  •  Airport taxes are included in the price and subject to change at the time of ticketing.  

  • Due to different conditions imposed by each airline, we reserve the right to advise booking conditions once flights are confirmed.  

  • Airline baggage limits apply. Additional charges may be applicable by the airlines.  



  • The policy for children differs from each accommodation provider and supplier. Pricing for children will be confirmed at the time of booking.  


Late Bookings  

  • Bookings made within 14 days of departure will incur an additional charge of $50. A credit card will be required when commencing the booking, which will be charged when Powder Holidays receives the booking confirmation.  



  • In the event that the client wishes to vary his or her booking, the request for a variation must be made in writing.  

  • The company will use reasonable endeavours to try and satisfy the request for variation and will advise the client it is can be satisfied.  

  • If the request for variation can be satisfied: the company will advise the client of any variation in the package or tour price and the client agrees to pay to the company an administration fee of $50 (plus GST) in respect of each variation requested, payable within 14 days of confirmation of the variation.   

  • If despite the reasonable endeavours of the company, the request for variation cannot be satisfied, then it is agreed that the booking sought to be varied shall remain in existence (if the client seeks to cancel the booking, the cancellation provisions set out herein will apply).  


Hotel Descriptions and Photographs 

  • Hotel descriptions provided by suppliers have been provided as a guide only. Room photos (when used) may not be representative of all rooms at a particular property. Specific accommodation and up to date rooming descriptions are available upon request.  



  • In the event that the client wishes to cancel a booking, then he or she must provide and written notice of cancellation (“the cancellation notice”) to the company.   

  • The cancellation notice must be; delivered to an office of the company or sent by facsimile transmission to the company’s facsimile number existing as at the date of the cancellation notice or sent by e-mail to the company’s email address existing as at the date of the cancellation notice.  

  • In the event that the cancellation notice is received by the company more than 60 days before the client’s departure date, then the company shall refund to the client all monies paid less and deposit set out in the deposit section, and which deposit the company shall be entitled to retain as compensation for the work done and time spent by it.  

  • In the event that the cancellation notice is received by the company 60 days or less before the departure date, then the company shall not be obliged to make any refund to the client. In this respect, the client acknowledges that, in addition the work done and time spent by it, the company will have paid monies to tour suppliers and it may not be possible for the company to obtain a refund from these suppliers where the cancellation notice is received within that period. Notwithstanding that, the company shall, if practical and at its sole discretion, make such refund as circumstances reasonably permit.  

  • The company strongly recommends that client take out and maintain a policy of insurance to cover cancellation costs that may be incurred for any bookings.  



  • No refunds will be made on any unused portion of the accommodation, car rental transfers and ski passes nor can components of the holiday be substituted for alternative arrangements once the holiday has commenced.  

  • Refunds made on your credit card will have any transaction fees or merchant fees that have been paid by the company deducted from the refund amount and will be explained to you at the time.  


Lift Passes  

  • Ski Lift Passes are non-refundable if they are lost, stolen and or damaged. They cannot be replaced and a new ski pass will need to be purchased.  


Passports and Visas  

  • The client acknowledges that it is his or her own responsibility to obtain and maintain a valid passport, any valid visas, permits or certificates, including vaccination certificates, for any tour booked with the company. The client further acknowledges that it is his or her responsibility to ascertain any requirements for such matters and to ensure that those requirements are satisfied.  


Snow Conditions  

  • Snow conditions and ski lift information provided within Powder Holidays website, are provided by the resorts as a guideline only.  

  • Powder Holidays cannot under any circumstances be responsible for snow conditions.  

  • Cancellation/amendment fees will be applied if cancelling or changing bookings on the basis of weather conditions.  


Disclaimer of Liability  

  • The company will use its best endeavours to ensure that its obligations pursuant to the contract with the client are satisfied. However, despite those best endeavours, it is not always possible for those obligations to be satisfied. Unless otherwise excluded or modified by law, the company hereby disclaims liability for any loss of or damage to the client, including loss of life or injury, and loss of or damage to any of the client’s property, however such loss or damage may be caused. Unless such disclaimer shall be excluded or modified by law, the client warrants that he or she will not make or pursue any claim against the company in respect of any such loss or damage, however caused. 

  • The client acknowledges that the provisions above are reasonable and necessary for the business of the company having regard to a range of matters including but not limited to the following: the adventurous nature of skiing and snowboarding and some packages and tours advertised and offered by the company, the location where packages and tours are conducted and where services, amenities and facilities may be of a lower standard than the stand to which a client is accustomed, the packages and tours or parts of them are supplied or undertaken by third party operators. Whilst the company has undertaken due diligence on the quality of the services offered by such third party operators, and has been satisfied as to the adequacy of that quality, it cannot be responsible for any acts or omissions on their parts. 

  • The client also acknowledges that there may be flight delays (due to circumstances beyond the control of the company) that may lead to interference with a package or tour for which the client has booked. The company will not be responsible for any flight delays or loss of flight connections whether such loss is caused by the client, the company, any of its suppliers, an airline or other. In the case of any loss of flight connections, whilst every effort will be made by the company to continue with the booked tour, the company will not be liable to compensate clients for any lost part of their itinerary and the company will not be liable to pay for any additional costs that may be incurred by the client as a result of any loss. The company strongly recommends that clients have insurance that will cover them for flight cancellations and delays. 

  • The client acknowledges that it is the client’s responsibility to check-in on time for his or her flight at any airport. The company will not be responsible for any flights that are not taken by the client due to the client’s late arrival at any airport. It is also the client’s responsibility to contact the relevant airline companies at an appropriate time before any flight departure to confirm that all details relating to their flights are correct. 


Governing Law of Contract 

  • Any contract for these holidays is deemed to be made in Queensland, Australia and shall be governed by the laws of Queensland