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Myoko Kogen is a ski area that is rich in history, founded in the 1930's the area is famous for its inviting and warm hospitality. The resort is made up of three seperate resorts; Myoko Akakura, Myoko Suginohara and Ikenotaira Onsen and is renowned for some of the best vertical and long runs on offer in Japan. Located in Niigata prefecture the area receives one of the heaviest snow falls in Japan, on average Myoko Kogen receives over 13m of snow annually.


The Myoko Kogen town of Akakura onsen forms the base for the area and is an ideal location to stay while you are in Myoko Kogen. There you will find restaurants and bars and a convenience store with tasty treats and refreshing drinks. Myoko Kogen maintains a wonderful Japanese Onsen town feel so you will be immersed in an authentic cultural experience.


Akakura Onsen sits at the base of Mt Myoko and rising above the town are the twin ski resorts of Akakura Onsen and Akakura Kanko Resort, a short bus trip away will give you access to Ikenotaira onsen resort and Myoko Suginohara resort.


There are also some special resorts nearby that cost a little extra to get to but are well worth the visit, Seki Onsen resort being the most favoured by experienced skiers because of its great powder runs and steep slopes.

Facilities & Attractions

Tourist attractions and the latest trendy spots.

Myoko Snowmobile Land

Myoko Snowmobile Land is located at Suginohara Ski Resort. It offers a solo riding (aged 16+ yo) or tandem ride with an instructor for younger particip

Snowcat Tour
Myoko Kogen Cat Tours

An introductory or “level-up” event for whom wishes to learn about how to keep safe in the Backcountry. This course covers the operation basics of

Lake Nojiri
Lake Nojiri

Lake Nojiri is a part of the Myoko Togakushi Renzan National Park. The lake lies just across the border of Myoko in Shinanomachi in Nagano Prefecture.

Lotte Arai
Lotte Arai Ski Resort

Lotte Arai Ski Resort is situated on Mount Okenashi in the Niigata Prefecture of Honshu, only 21 kilometres North of Myoko Kogen. It's not far away fro

Onsen at Akakura Hotel
Myoko Kogen Onsen

Myoko is home to many hot springs. There area public onsen and onsen that part of a hotel. The onsen in hotels can be used even if you are not a guest

Naena Waterfall
Naena Waterfall

Naena Waterfall is an impressive 55m waterfall. During winter, guided snowshoe tour is available. Along the way, you will see countless animal tracks,

Nagano VIP Shuttle
Nagano VIP Shuttle Service

Nagano VIP Transfer is a flexible door to door service that can be booked as a shared service or a private charter for small groups and families. Book

Myoko Town
Myoko Kogen Restaurants and Bars

The nightlife in Myoko Kogen may not be particularly sparkling but it has over 25 restaurants and bars available from traditional izakaya (Japanese sty

Snow Monkey
Snow Monkey

The world-famous wild monkey park is situated in Yamanouchi Town in Nagano Prefecture. There is a daily shuttle that departs Akakura Onsen. The park

Umigatari Joetsu Aquarium
Umigatari Aquarium

Umigatari Joetsu Aquarium was fully rebuilt and reopened in 2018. It now the best aquarium in Niigata and one of the few places in Japan where you can

  • How to Reach Myoko Kogen
  • Resorts & City Guide

By Air

 Access for international travellers is best through Narita or Haneda in Tokyo, there is an international airport in Niigata which services some major Asian hubs as well as a smaller airport in Toyama which handles domestic flights from cities in Japan.

By Train

Access via Shinkansen to Joetsu Myoko on the Hokuriku Shinkansen from embarking from Tokyo or Kanazawa in the south and passing through Nagano City, the Shinkansen takes approx. 1 hr 45 mins from Tokyo or 45 mins from Kanazawa.  There is a shuttle bus from Joetsu Myoko Station to the resort

By Car

Myoko Kogen can be reached via car from Major Cities, however it is a long drive of over 4 hours from Tokyo or Osaka. Cars can be hired from Nagano City, Toyama or Niigata and expressway toll roads make driving convenient from these cities.

By Bus

Nagano Snow Shuttle operates to Myoko Kogen from Haneda and Narita Airports on a daily basis from December through to March

By Private Transfer

Private or Shared VIP transfers can be arranged from Narita or Haneda Airport along with Private transfers from Nagano or other resorts in Nagano or Niigata

Below are some PDF tourist maps to help you navigate and enjoy your time in Myoko Kogen.

Akakura Onsen, Akakura Kanko Trail Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

Suginohara Trail Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

Togakushi Trail Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

Akakura Area Map Free. Work Offline. Share Anywhere

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